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It’s the cutest thing in the world when she…

August 6th, 2009

Something I’ve learned since becoming a parent.. the cutest thing in the world is a moving target. I remember thinking it was the cutest thing in the world when Catherine first smiled. And then when she first started to crawl, when she was just figuring it out, that was the cutest thing in the world. And then when she started pulling up on things, or when she learned to wave to people, or when she started to say “daddy”. Right now it’s the cutest thing in the world when she tries to say long words by breaking them into bits. A few nights ago I pointed to an elephant and asked Catherine what it was called. She said, “ele”, which has so far been her word for it. So I tried to get her to say the whole word by breaking it in two, “ele” and “phant”. I asked her to say each one separately, which she did – she’s very good at reciting what you say to her. Then we put them together and she did it! There was a big gap in between the words but she said it, “ele … phant”. Proud daddy moment… And now she’s doing it all the time. Tonight I said to her after she grabbed a towel, “you stole my towel! You nicked it. You purloined it!”, and what do you know… “pur … loin”!

Can’t wait to see what’s the cutest thing in the world tomorrow!

PhotoWalkthrough on One Minute How-To

July 23rd, 2009

For those of you that don’t know I, John, also produce a regular photography based video podcast. In that capacity as photography guy George Smyth has been kind enough to ask me a third time if I’d like to contribute a segment on his show – One Minute How-To. His show offers weekly tips on a variety of interesting subjects, each being a very digestible minute or two long. Quick, informative and fun. Well worth a look. Check out my latest contribution on How to shoot panning shots and be sure to subscribe to George’s show.

Free at last

July 22nd, 2009

Paul Rogers wrote:

Dear John, I hope you are well. I am seeking an Oracle DBA/Developer contractor for an inital 6 month engagement in Manchester. My client is a leading NW organisation.

John Arnold wrote:

Hi Paul. I’ve not been on the job market for 9 years and I’ve repeatedly asked your organisation to remove me from your database. However I might be tempted to reconsider if you sing me a few bars of All Right Now.

Paul Rogers wrote:

Apologies, but I can ensure it will be “alright now” as I have sent your details to ensure you are removed from the database, so you will be “free” from hassle by not recieving future mailshots.